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Why You Need A Lawyer – Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorney

It is important to understand why you may want to speak with an experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney to help in your case.

Even though Wisconsin law provides for workers to have certain benefits when injured on the job, a Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney can help make sure an injured worker gets every benefit owed to them and can still support his or herself as they seek treatment.

Since Wisconsin is a “no-fault” state in the area of worker’s compensation, most cases are paid without a dispute. However, if a dispute should arise, it is imperative to seek the counsel of an experienced and compassionate worker’s compensation attorney.

Some reasons you may need an attorney are:

  • If negligence caused or added to the extent of your injury
  • If any of your claims have been denied
  • If you are not given enough time to recover and heal
  • If you lose your job after an injury or worry your job may be in jeopardy
  • If other workplace issues arise due to your injury and recovery

Sometimes an employer may pressure an injured worker to make a claim under their health insurance instead of filing a worker’s compensation claim. This could be a BIG mistake and could cost you many benefits.

With a worker’s compensation claim, you are entitled to 100 percent of all reasonable and necessary expenses paid to you, including deductibles and copays; you have no pre-set limits on treatments; you get the option to choose at least two doctors; you have an option to choose where you are treated and you receive your lost wage benefits, tax-free and paid weekly.

If you have suffered a work-related injury, it is important to discuss with a Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney to make sure you get all benefits your should receive.

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