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Milwaukee Railroad Accidents Attorney: Train Accidents In Wisconsin

Railroads are an important way to travel throughout many areas of Wisconsin and tracks and trains need maintenance. Over the years, railway safety has increased substantially, but there are still accidents and issues for those who work on the railway systems. When a railway worker suffers injuries due to his or her line of work, it is important to work with a Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney to help make sure the worker receives the full benefits he or she is entitled to.

Railroads have been an important part of the infrastructure of our country for many years and railway workers are crucial in maintaining those rails for safe travel of passengers. Unfortunately, trains are large and can be dangerous. Working on the rails can also be harmful. If you are working on the railway systems and have suffered injuries due to your job, it is crucial to speak with a Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney to find out how to get the benefits you are entitled to.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Railway Safety, railroad issues are categorized into five divisions: hazardous materials, motive power and equipment, operating practices, signal and train control and track structures. There are many possibilities for accidents to occur. Sometimes equipment is worn or not properly maintained.  Some materials break down over the years and a failure can be deadly. Since railways have been in existence longer than most worker’s compensation laws, most employees are covered by the Federal Employers Liability Act. This means they may sue for damages, including compensation for injuries, medical bills and additional losses.

FELA does require workers to show their employer was negligent before he or she is eligible for benefits. If an employee can show that, he or she is eligible for much more compensation than a general worker’s compensation claim.

A Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney can assist you in a FELA claim. If you or your loved one was seriously injured while working on the railways, contact us today for your free and initial consultation.

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