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Milwaukee Railroad Accidents Attorney – Understanding FELA Benefits

With any type of serious injury, there may be a lot of money at stake. It is crucial to seek a Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney who understands the Federal Employer’s Liability Act thoroughly and is able to fight to recover compensation due you.

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act, also known as FELA, governs the right of interstate railroad employees who are injured, sickened or killed due to their job or through an employer’s negligence. In order to understand FELA and pursue compensation through it, your Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney must be very familiar with it.

FELA provides a specific avenue for railroad employees and their families to be directly compensated in case of a serious injury or fatality due to the job. Nearly all railroad company employees are covered under FELA. Claims made under FELA may be brought to the employer or company and may also be brought as a lawsuit in either federal or state court.

Filing a claim under FELA is different than filing under another type of workers compensation. In such a claim, the injured needs to prove less fault than in a typical worker’s compensation case. The pursuant only needs to show the defendant was somehow negligent and that the negligence contributed to the injury. An injured worker may recoup the injured employee’s past and future wage loss; past and future medical treatment as well as past and future pain, suffering and mental distress.

If an accident has killed the employee, the employee’s spouse, children or any beneficiaries will receive the compensation instead. FELA demands railroad companies provide a reasonably safe work environment; provide adequate training and supervision and enforce rules and regulations regarding safety.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a railroad accident, it is imperative to speak with your Milwaukee railroad accidents attorney today for your free, initial consultation.

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