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Milwaukee Railroad Accidents Lawyer – Employer Responsibility Under FELA

As a Milwaukee railroad accidents lawyer, it is crucial for me to know exactly what is the employer’s responsibility under the Federal Employers Liability Act in order to best direct my clients. FELA helped provide a uniform liability standard for working conditions and employee safety on the job when it was created.

A Milwaukee railroad accidents lawyer makes sure a company has taken the proper steps to protect their employees who were injured and if it is revealed the company did not, make sure those who are responsible are held liable for their inaction.

FELA requires railroads provide workers with a reasonably safe work environment at all times and in all situations. A railroad company must ensure that a workplace is reasonably free of unsafe conditions and hazards. A company must adequately maintain all machines and equipment. It must make employees aware of any known dangers and must regularly check for known hazards.

FELA also requires employers make sure their employees are adequately trained in their job. The company must make sure their employees are also adequately supervised and that all employees comply with safety standards and procedures.

Furthermore, FELA requires employers take steps to protect employees from intentional acts that may put employees’ safety in danger. The company must not implement unreasonable work quota or timelines and must provide employees with help when necessary.

Although this may not cover all employees are entitled to, it does give an overview. If you have been injured while working in a rail yard or for a railroad company, contact an aggressive Milwaukee railroad accidents lawyer today. Call for your free, initial consultation.

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