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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation – What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Worker’s Compensation

It is crucial to understand all you can about Milwaukee worker’s compensation, especially if you have been injured and are seeking compensation. One aspect that can easily become confusing is understanding the statute of limitations on worker’s compensation claims.

In Milwaukee worker’s compensation claims, even if an employee has stopped receiving weekly compensation benefits for a temporary or permanent disability, a claim can be reopened any time within 12 years from the date compensation was last paid.

The exception is when a compromise agreement has been made and approved or a final award was issued after a hearing.  When a final award is issued, it closes the claim after the time allowed for appeal unless the award is set aside on an appeal. A compromise closes the claim. Although an appeal is allowed within the first year after a compromise, it has to be approved and few cases are ever reopened.

There is an exception on the statute of limitations, most notably in cases of occupational diseases and in some cases of serious traumatic injuries.  In those situations, there is no statute of limitations.

An employee may make a claim against an employer or its insurance company within twelve years from the date of the injury or the last date the compensation was paid. If the period has expired, but an employee would like to make a claim due to occupational disease, he or she may make a claim against the Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund. This is entirely funded by certain case assessments on employers as well as insurance companies. In some cases, an employer or its insurance company may continue to be liable for benefits after the statute of limitations has expired.

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