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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorney – Understanding Work Restrictions

Employees often have many questions if they are injured on the job. An experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney is able to help relieve some of the stress by being a good resource as the employee faces many new situations they may not have found themselves in before. One common question people often wonder is if their employer is allowed to force them to do work that is restricted by the doctor overseeing his or her medical treatment.

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorney Discusses Work Restrictions

If a physician treating the injured employee has examined the employee and ordered restrictions of the person’s job responsibilities, the employer must abide by those restrictions. For example, if an employee works in a warehouse and has been ordered not to lift anything heavier than 20 pounds, it is illegal for the employer to require the employee perform activities that would require the injured employee handle packages larger than 20 pounds.

For that reason, it is important to provide a copy of your work restrictions to your employer when you receive them, as well as carry them with you at all times. If a supervisor or boss asks you to work outside of your work restrictions, you can then show them the document stating what you can and can’t do at the time. If the requests continue, it is important to remain calm and courteous, but inform them you will need to speak with a human resource agent or your supervisor’s boss. In some cases, if you work outside your restrictions you could lose your job.

However, employers are allowed to require you to continue work within your restrictions. They may place you in a position that you may find demeaning or boring, but as long as it is within your restrictions, it is their legal right. It is important to work with them and cooperate within your restrictions.

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