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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys – Mental Injuries

Wisconsin is one of the few states that acknowledge mental injuries – both traumatic and non-traumatic – and provides worker’s compensation for those who have suffered such an injury. Your Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorneys understand how work-related mental injuries may affect you both now, and in the future.

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Explains Mental Injuries In Workplace

Understanding what type of situations may produce mental injury is crucial to understanding what injuries would fall under a work-related mental injury. These mental stress injuries occur when stresses in the workplace exceed a normal level.

For example, anyone who deals with a boss who berates them day in and day out or a situation where he or she is directed to participate or perform unethical or fraudulent behaviors may be eligible to file a claim of mental stress injuries.

In extreme cases, someone may witness a crime or a death as he or she was working. In those situations, most employees involved would be able to make such a claim.

Unlike most states that only recognize mental claims when they stem from a physical injury, Wisconsin recognizes all types of mental injuries. Injuries fall into one of three categories:

  • Physical trauma causing mental injury (Physical-Mental)
  • Non-traumatic mental stimulus causing mental injury (Mental-Mental)
  • Mental stimulus causing physical injury (Mental – Physical)

These claims can become tricky, because unlike a straightforward physical injury, it may be challenging to prove a mental injury was due to something in the workplace or a situation that arose at work. It is best to consult with Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorneys who are experienced with all types of mental stress injuries. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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