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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – If I Am Receiving Worker’s Compensation Benefits, Can I Accept A Different Job?

So many questions arise after an injury that can be quite complicated. It is best to consult with Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers to find out what possibilities may come out of your specific situation.

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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – How To Handle Worker’s Compensation Medical Bills

As experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers, we are here to reassure you when dealing with medical bills concerning your injury or your loved ones’ injury due to a workplace accident or environment. We know the thought of those bills can easily become overwhelming, but they don’t have […]

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Understanding What Benefits You Deserve – Compensation Attorney Milwaukee

It is important to understand what benefits you are entitled to if you suffer an injury, by discussing your situation with a compensation attorney in Milwaukee. Wisconsin law sets parameters for what all companies must provide to employees who suffer injuries. It is crucial to understand what […]

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Milwaukee Compensation Lawyer: Who is Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation program is designed to compensate employees when they are injured on the job in lieu of a lawsuit. The law designed to cover loss of wages, medical treatment, certain disability payments, and payments for vocational rehabilitation training. Before worker’s compensation, the only way an […]

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Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Milwaukee: Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries are one of the most common causes of accidental injury in the United States today. Fortunately for those who are injured on the job, Wisconsin has a worker’s compensations program that provides injured employees compensation for their injuries. In our state, the program is administered […]

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Iowa State Appeals Court Denies Injured Snowplower Right To Trial

An Iowa state appeals court ruled earlier this month that a snowplow driver’s right to a trial can be lawfully denied and he should be required to take a previous settlement instead. According to reports and court documents, the court ruled that a Rock County Circuit Judge […]

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Court Of Appeals Rules In Workers’ Comp Case

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month the state acted as it should have in a Juneau County Workers’ Compensation claim. The court ruled the agency did what it should when it granted a Juneau County workers’ compensation claim filed in 2010. The decision was […]

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Survey Shows Many Discouraged From Making Worker’s Compensation Claims

According to a recent Midwest survey of carpenter’s apprentices, thirty percent of workers reported that work-related accidents were rarely or never reported and less than half of workers reported that injuries were always or most of the time reported. Researchers from Duke University surveyed 1,020 carpenter apprentices […]

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WI DWD Partners With Walgreens To Create New Jobs For Disabled

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development announced they have partnered with Walgreens to create a training program and job opportunities for those who have disabilities. The program, named the Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative or REDI, was kicked off at a Milwaukee Walgreens last month. According to […]

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Amendment Requires Report For Serious Eye Injuries

Gov. Walked signed an ammendment that requires a filing of a final medical report in cases where an employess receives an eye injury and they had to receive treatment on three or more occasions off the employer’s premises. The ammendment requires a filing even if there is […]

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