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WI Birdhouse Maker Cited For 22 Violations

A Wisconsin manufacture of birdhouses was cited for safety and health violations at two of its facilities this week.

According to a press release from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Gardner Equipment Co. was cited for 22 violations between their sites in Columbus and Juneau. OSHA is considering fining the company $125,900 for the violations.

OSHA said the company failed to ensure workers used personal and protective equipment while painting the metal birdhouse. They said the powered paint contain skin irritants and sensitizers and some employees had experienced rashes on their arms and hands from working with the paint. OSHA said employees should have eye and face protection, gloves and a barrier suit while painting.

The Columbus location was cited for 16 serious health and safety violations in total. In addition to not ensuring employees wore protective clothing, they were also cited for failing to establish a respiratory program and failure to have respirators available.

The report said employees had also been allowed to eat and drink in areas containing hazardous chemicals.

Three of the violations were cited in the Juneau facility involving the energy control program.

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