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WI Man 1st U.S. Civilian To Get Bionic Hand

A Wisconsin man is the first U.S. civilian to get a bionic hand.

The 36-year-old Medford, Wis. man lost his hand in 2006 in a rock-crushing device while he was working. His hand and lower arm had to be amputated.

He wore various prosthetics devices, but was able to get fitted for the new bionic hand Thursday. The hand, named the Michelangelo hand, was only available to 10 soldiers who lost their hands in Iraq and Afghanistan before now.

The nerves are still in his arm, so wires and electrodes built into the Michelangelo hand will help him operate it in the same way as his remaining hand. The Michelangelo hand has an electric opposable thumb, allowing the user more movement and grasping power.

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