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OSHA Launching Wisconsin Dairy Farm Inspections

The U.S. Occupational and Safety Health Administration is launching a new safety program aimed at examining working conditions on Wisconsin dairy farms.

According to OSHA, since 2006 the organization has conducted investigations after five separate deaths on Wisconsin dairy farms. They have found hazards related to animal handling, tractor rollovers and manure pits and now the organization is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of all dairy workers employed at Wisconsin dairy farms.

It is estimated that 34,000 employees work for Wisconsin dairy farms at nearly 12,000 licensed dairy producers. Officials believe about 40 percent of those workers are immigrants and they may be unaware of their safety and health rights.

The new program will enable OSHA to conduct health and safety inspections at the farms employing more than 10 non-immediate family member employees, including those who have had an active labor camp in the past year.

Three farms in each of OSHA’s four regions will be subjected to walk-in inspections.

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