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Italian Court Rules Man’s Cell Use Related To Brain Tumor

Despite conflicting medical evidence, an Italian court ruled that an executive who used his cell phone five to six hours daily developed a brain tumor due to the excessive use of the phone.

In October, Italy’s Supreme Court ruled that despite much scientific evidence concluding there is not enough evidence to definitely say there is a link between brain tumors and cell phone use, in this case there was a link.

The case centered around an Italian business executive who used his phone about five to six hours daily for 12 years. He held his phone to the left side of his head and took notes with the right. In 2002, he realized he had developed a neuroma that affected a nerve. The court ruled in his favor that although it was not cancerous, it affected his quality of life when he required surgery.

He sought compensation from the Italian Workers Compensation fund, but they rejected his claim saying there was no proof his cell phone use and his tumor was related.

The verdict around the world is still out though. Just last year, the World Health Organization classified cell phones as a “possible carcinogenic risk” after long-term studies showed extensive and long-term use could be associated with a form of brain cancer.

The court did note that both the “scientific evidence was reliable” and his situation have been “different from normal, non-professional use of a mobile telephone.”

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Library of Congress notes on cell phone use

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