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Survey Shows Many Discouraged From Making Worker’s Compensation Claims

According to a recent Midwest survey of carpenter’s apprentices, thirty percent of workers reported that work-related accidents were rarely or never reported and less than half of workers reported that injuries were always or most of the time reported.

Researchers from Duke University surveyed 1,020 carpenter apprentices in Chicago, downstate Illinois and St. Louis to understand the extent of injury reporting and under reporting along with the impact of safety incentive programs in the area’s construction industry.

Fifteen percent of workers knew of a coworker who got injured and sought medical treatment through private insurance instead of filing a workers’ compensation claim.

One of the most shocking finds is that nearly 60 percent of workers reported programs that disciplined workers who reported accidents or who rewarded those who did not report accidents on their current job site.

The research findings were published online at the end of October and are expected to be published in a print edition in the future.

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