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Court Of Appeals Rules In Workers’ Comp Case

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month the state acted as it should have in a Juneau County Workers’ Compensation claim.

The court ruled the agency did what it should when it granted a Juneau County workers’ compensation claim filed in 2010. The decision was reached when Juneau County sought to overturn a ruling in a 2006 incident.

According to reports, a Juneau County Sheriff’s Detective slipped on a wet floor at the Juneau County Justice Center, injuring his right knee. He needed a knee replacement and was granted workers’ compensation. Later on, however, he needed a knee replacement after an infection.

The county challenged the claim after saying the second surgery was not directly caused by the initial injury and that the infection was possibly caused by the man using a hot tub too soon after the initial surgery.

The appeals court ruling means Juneau County, who is self-insured for workers’ compensation, owes the man and his attorney more than $73,000.

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