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Worker Injured In Explosion At Golf Club

A 35-year-old Wisconsin golf course employee was injured in an explosion at the Hudson Golf Club earlier this week.

According to news reports, the Spring Valley, Wis. man was opening a 55-gallon drum with an acetylene torch the morning of March 22 at the golf club when the explosion occurred.

The drum contained a small amount of oil inside. When it exploded, the top apparently shot off hitting him in the head and head and causing severe trauma. A delivery man discovered the injured worker lying semi-conscious on the floor in blood about noon that day. Officials said he may have been on the floor for several hours before being discovered.

Unfortunately, injuries in work settings are all too common and oftentimes victims do not receive the compensation they deserve. If you have suffered injuries at work, it is important to call an experienced Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your options. Call today for your free, initial consultation.


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