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Understanding What Benefits You Deserve – Compensation Attorney Milwaukee

It is important to understand what benefits you are entitled to if you suffer an injury, by discussing your situation with a compensation attorney in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin law sets parameters for what all companies must provide to employees who suffer injuries. It is crucial to understand what you are entitled to and important to consult with a compensation attorney in Milwaukee to make sure you get your full benefits.

While you are recovering and need to be off of work, state law provides an injured employee is entitled to 67 percent of his or her gross pay as well as all of the medical expenses for related treatments. Additionally, the injured employee is entitled to compensation for mileage to and from treatment facilities and compensation for prescriptions medications.

An injured worker may use his or her own doctor and are allowed to get a second opinion from another doctor. The person is not be responsible for any deductibles relating to treatments. These benefits continue until a doctor declares that the patient has improved as much as possible and no further improvement is expected.

In the case a worker has permanent restrictions and therefore has a permanent disability, he or she will likely receive weekly benefits based on the percentage of disability the doctor concludes a patient has. If a worker suffers a partial disability and an employer cannot find a suitable position for he or she within 60 days, the worker is entitled to retraining benefits.

In the state of Wisconsin, a position must pay at least 90 percent of an employee’s wages at the time of the injury and meet permanent work restrictions established by the doctor at the end of the healing period in order to be a suitable replacement.

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious work injury and you are trying to determine what benefits are available, it is important to speak with an understanding compensation attorney in Milwaukee.

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