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Understanding What Happens At A Worker’s Compensation Hearing -Milwaukee Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are injured in a work-related accident, it is important to understand what you may face when you file a worker’s compensation claim. A Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer can help walk you through the process and obtain the benefits you need.

Not all worker’s compensation cases head to a hearing, but sometimes hearings are necessary to help resolve disputed claims. Sometimes the injured worker files one, but other times a hearing may be requested by a surviving spouse or a dependent. In some cases, hearings can be scheduled by the Worker’s Compensation Division if they believe appropriate compensation was not paid when it was due.

While attorneys are not required at such hearings, they can help the employee or the employee’s dependents fight for the benefits they should receive.

If you have not retained the counsel of a lawyer or if your injury had not been reported to the Worker’s Compensation Division before, your claim will often go through an informal process. It will be referred to specialists in the Division’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit and the staff will review the supporting information.

If a formal hearing is needed, there are more steps to the process. These procedures are semi-judicial and may include witnesses sworn in. Those witnesses will testify in a court room and they can be examined and cross-examined.

During this process, documents and reports are presented to the court. At the end of a hearing, an ALJ will decide if a payment in all or some of the claim should be made or if the claim should be dismissed.

Many preparations need to be made in order to prepare for a formal hearing. Witnesses must be contacted and arrangements need to be made for them to appear for the hearing. A loss of earning capacity as well may need to be presented. Facts necessary to show the extent of the injury and how it affects his or her job need to be gathered and presented by the employee. Failing to appear at the hearing may result in a dismissal of the claim.

Due to all the steps, it can be extremely beneficial to have aMilwaukeeworker’s compensation lawyer guide you through the process and fight for benefits you are due. Call today for a free, initial consultation.

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