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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyer : Understanding What Constitutes A On-The-Job Injury

It is important to understand what types of injuries make up on-the-job injuries and therefore will be compensated under the Wisconsin worker’s compensation laws. When you need clarification in this area, it may be helpful to discuss your specific case with a Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer who can help you figure out the ins and outs of the laws.

Understanding Where An On-The Job Injury Can Occur

Most employees recognize an on-the-job injury applies to any injury that occurs during or due to normal working conditions or duties. What you may be unaware of though is that an on-the-job injury can happen in other types of settings as well. A Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer who has been fighting for employees in Wisconsin for years can help you understand when a claim is appropriate.

For example, did you know that if you are injured on work grounds or in your workplace cafeteria, you are covered under worker’s compensation laws.  The laws also apply if you are injured during any type of company-sponsored event like a party, picnic, or even away at a training seminar for your job. Additionally, you should be covered if you suffer any injury if you are traveling for work. Driving to work on a regular commute would not be covered, but if you job requires you to travel and you are injured during that travel, you may also receive benefits.

If you have suffered any type of on-the-job injury, it is imperative to report the accident or injury to your employer immediately. BE prepared to give them the facts of how the injury occurred, when it happened and where. After that, you should seek any proper medical attention you may need. This is important even if you don’t feel that your injuries are that severe. Getting examined by a medical professional also allows you to have a professional medical report detailing your injuries, which may be useful later on. Your doctor may also determine if it is safe for you to return to your normal work duties and if not, how long you need to have off.

Don’t be shy. If you have suffered any type of workplace injury and need guidance in handling your case, please contact your Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer today. Call now for your free, initial consultation.

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