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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorney – Taking Care of Your Body In The Heat

Although the weather is cooling down a bit, it can never be too late for reminders of how to keep healthy while working in the heat. Many who have outdoor jobs can be affected by heat illnesses if they do not take proper steps to keep their bodies safe. As a Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney, we see a lot of heat-related injuries and want to warn of the dangers of not taking proper precautions.

Did you know that even in Wisconsin, there have been several heat-related deaths of worker’s in the past five years.  The Occupational Safety & Health Administration developed a campaign to educate workers about heat illnesses and how they can be prevented.  According to OSHA, in 2011 4,420 workers fell ill and 61 died due to heat exposure in the United States.

Any worker who is exposed to hot and humid conditions can suffer from heat-related illnesses. Those who have not built up a tolerance for health may be at greatest risks. Workers in construction, agriculture, utility workers, transportation workers and building or grounds maintenance crews are at the highest risk of suffering from a heat-related illness.

Heat illnesses can result in body temperatures rising to dangerous levels. Someone suffering from a heat-related illness may suffer from heat rash and heat cramps to heat exhaustion and in extreme cases, heat death.

OSHA recommends employees drink water every 15 minutes, even when not thirsty, rest in the shade to cool off and wear a hat and light-colored clothing. It is important to keep an eye on fellow workers and learn the signs of heat illness. Everyone should be educated on how to handle an emergency.

If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries from a heat-related job, it is crucial to speak with an experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorney immediately.

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