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Worker’s Compensation Milwaukee – OSHA Proposes $77K In Fines After Worker Exposed To Gas

Worker’s compensation accidents in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin happen too frequently. A company with a smelting plant in Racine is facing fines of $77,472 dollars from OSHA after a worker was exposed to chlorine gas. According to an OSHA press release, it initiated an inspection after a report saying a worker was sickened by exposure to hazardous chlorine gas while changing cylinders. OSHA cited the plant for 13 serious violations.

Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Milwaukee Discusses Citations

Beck Aluminum Allows, Ltd., which operates Beck Aluminum Racine was cited in the incident not only because the worker was exposed and sickened, but also because after officials knew of the incident, they did not remove other workers from the area and didn’t evaluate the present dangers associated with the potentially lethal gas.

OSHA issued 13 serious violations, including:

  • Failing to establish lockout/tagout procedures to prevent the inadvertent release of chemical energy
  • An inability to estimate employee exposure during a chlorine release Failing to provide training to employees performing emergency response procedures
  • Lack of annual inspections of energy control procedures
  • Stacking large totes of crushed aluminum casts in an unstable manner

It was also cited for six violations involving violations of OSHA’s respiratory protection standards.

The company employs approximately 115 employees nationwide. It has 15 business days to take action by complying; requesting an informal conference or contesting the findings.

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