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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyer – Dangers In Servicing Communication Towers

With the erection of many additional communication and broadcast towers in the past 30 years, there has been a dramatic increase in communication tower construction and maintenance. With the increase, there has also been an increase in hazards associated with such work. For anyone who has suffered serious personal injury while working on communication towers, it is important to speak with an experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer.

A Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer knows how serious work-related injuries can be and how even a seemingly minor injury can impact a worker’s long-term ability to continue in that field. In order to build or maintain the towers, employees regularly climb towers using fixed ladders, support structures or step bolts. They may have to work up to several thousand feet off the ground and may be working in all types of weather.

The most common hazards associated with working on communications towers include: falling from great heights; electrical hazards; injuries from hoisting personnel and equipment with base-mounted drum hoists; injuries from inclement weather conditions; hazards from falling objects; problems from equipment failure, as well as structural collapse of towers.

According to OSHA’s web site, in 2013 the administration recorded 13 communication tower-related deaths and in the first several weeks of 2014, there had already been four communication tower-related deaths.

For anyone who has suffered serious personal injury while building or maintaining a communication tower, it is imperative to speak with a Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyer who can assist you in recovering rightful compensation. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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