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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – Understanding How Compensation Works

An employee who is injured and is expecting to receive worker’s compensation benefits may be filled with questions about the compensation. He or she will want to know how the compensation is paid, how soon it is expected, what will be received as well as what happens if a claim is held up because of a dispute or another issues.

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Discuss Compensation From A WC Claim

As you are healing from your injury, you usually get two-thirds of your weekly wages, up to $647 a week. Payments are base on a six- day work week, so you will receive one-sixth of the payment for your daily pay. This means if you are eligible for three days of compensation benefits, you will receive half of the weekly-allotted pay.

You will not receive compensation benefits for the day of the injury. The first three days (excluding Sunday) after an injury is considered a waiting period. You will not be paid for those days unless you are disabled for more than seven days. In that case, you will then receive compensation for those first three days.

Most people will receive the first check within 14 days of the last day worked. If payment takes longer, it is important to follow up with your employer or the compensation insurer to make sure everything is set.

In cases where a disability is permanent, after you have healed as much as you are expected to, your doctor will determine if you have a permanent disability. You will receive an additional compensation benefits of up to $212 a week according to Wisconsin’s DWD. Workers’ compensation benefits will continue as a monthly benefit, not a lump sum. Different compensations are paid for the loss of different body parts.

If the employer disputes your claim, you can request the division holds a hearing and issues an order to resolve the dispute. You may file an application for a hearing if your employer does not report your accident or if you can prove you did not receive all your benefits. It is important to contact your employer before applying for a hearing to determine what is being disputed.

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious personal injury due to work, it may be helpful to discuss your case and questions with Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers, who can help guide you. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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