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Archive for July 2014

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys – How To Avoid A Questionable Claim Part 1

The state of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development offers several tips for employers to help avoid fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. It is crucial to look closely at all policies in place before an accident would happen. When an accident does occur, injured employees seek out assistance from […]

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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – If I Am Receiving Worker’s Compensation Benefits, Can I Accept A Different Job?

So many questions arise after an injury that can be quite complicated. It is best to consult with Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers to find out what possibilities may come out of your specific situation.

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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys – What Happens To My Job?

It is crucial to understand your rights when you have been injured in a work-related injury. Experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorneys are able to answer crucial questions affecting the rest of your career. It is important to have an ally working for you.

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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – How To Handle Worker’s Compensation Medical Bills

As experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers, we are here to reassure you when dealing with medical bills concerning your injury or your loved ones’ injury due to a workplace accident or environment. We know the thought of those bills can easily become overwhelming, but they don’t have […]

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