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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers – If I Am Receiving Worker’s Compensation Benefits, Can I Accept A Different Job?

So many questions arise after an injury that can be quite complicated. It is best to consult with Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers to find out what possibilities may come out of your specific situation.

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Discuss Considering A New Job

While you may be able to take a new job offered to you when you are recovering from your injury, you may want to carefully consider your options. Yes, a new job that you can perform within your limits may be available at another company, but if you take such a job, you may receive reduced wage loss benefits or your benefits may disappear altogether, depending on your actual earnings.

It is also important to think about other complications if you accept a job for another employer in the process of healing from a work-related injury.  Your former employer who is paying benefits for you to heal may raise issues including the possibility your injury is aggravated or made worse by your new position. That employer may also claim they would have work for you available when you healed, so they shouldn’t be responsible to compensate you for future wage loss.

Obviously, you may want to consult with experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation lawyers who know how to get the best outcome for you. Each case is different and should be considered with all the facts and details specific to that case. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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