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Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys – How To Avoid A Questionable Claim Part 1

The state of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development offers several tips for employers to help avoid fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. It is crucial to look closely at all policies in place before an accident would happen. When an accident does occur, injured employees seek out assistance from Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorneys to guide them through the process.

Milwaukee Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Discuss How To Avoid Questionable Claims

First of all, it is crucial to set up a clear and strong policy statement discussing the importance of promptly reporting all suspected accidents and injuries to supervisors. Make sure employees are aware that filing a false claim may be grounds for dismissal. Make sure all employees know and understand the policy and rules and publish the statement where it can be referred to easily.

Having knowledgeable managers and supervisors is just as important as having a clear, strong policy available to everyone. Make sure all supervisors know who to send the worker to in order to complete a report; the importance of immediately investigating any circumstances surrounding any possible injury, including interviewing any potential witnesses; as well as making sure an employee gets appropriate and prompt medical care.

It is equally important to the company that a trained employee be in charge of thoroughly documenting any injury. Many times, the root of invalid claims or inappropriate payments stem from having an inexperienced employee record the injury.

As an employer, it is crucial to best prepare yourself and your staff for the possibility of an employee injury. The better prepared you are, the smoother the process should go should an injury occur. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your experienced Milwaukee worker’s compensation attorneys for guidance.

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