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Do I need a workers’ compensation attorney?

Since Wisconsin is a no-fault state, most workers’ compensation cases are paid without a dispute. However, if a major issues does arise, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced, aggressive Wisconsin workers’ compensation attorney.

You may need to pursue action against your employer if negligence caused or added to your injury ; if any claims have been denied; if you are not given enough time to recuperate; if you lose your job after an injury or worry your jobs is in jeopardy or many other issues.

If one of these issues arise, it is imperative to have good representation. Call the Workers’ Compensation Law Offices of Milwaukee, S.C. for a free initial consultation. It is not a commitment and we will be able to help resolve the issues so you can focus on recovering.

What benefits do I get under Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law?

While you are recovering and off of work, you are entitled to approximately 67 percent of your gross pay, in addition to all medical expenses for your treatments, mileage to and from treatment and prescription medicines.

You also are entitled to use your own doctor and get a second opinion from another doctor. It is not required you utilize a company doctor. You will not be responsible for any deductibles relating to your treatments.

You will receive these benefits until the doctor says you have reached your “end of healing” – or in other words, you have improved as much as possible.

What happens if I have a permanent disability?

If your doctor determines you have permanent restrictions and concludes your disability is permanent, you will receive weekly benefits based on the percentage of disability your doctor gives you.  You will likely receive the state’s full benefit amount for the rest of your life.

What are retraining benefits ?

Retraining benefits may be available if you have a partial disability and your employer cannot find a suitable position for you within 60 days.  In Wisconsin, suitable is a position that pays at least 90 percent of your salary or wages at the time of the injury and meets permanent work restrictions established at the end of your healing period.

Vocational rehabilitation services, or retraining programs may come from either private or public programs. They help injured employees increase their skill set so the employee can still be gainfully employed. They are

What is a repetitive stress injury and is it included in workers’ compensation laws?

Some repetitive stress injuries are included in workers’ compensation. Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis elbow and shoulder tendinitis are all examples of repetitive stress injuries. These benefits include a free choice of doctors, 100 percent of all medical expenses, lost wage benefits, vocational retraining or reschooling and permanent wage loss benefits- as well as a Lump-Sum settlement for your benefits – all tax free.

You may be entitled to retraining or reschooling benefits, permanent wage loss benefits and possibly a lump-sum benefit. These are all tax-free items.

Can I still see my own doctors or do I have to switch health care providers?

You are able to see whomever you would like. Under the Workers’ Compensation laws, you may see at least two doctors, no matter if they are covered under your plan or not.

My employer wants me to make a claim under our health insurance instead of workers compensation. Should I do it?

Oftentimes, an employers may pressure an injured employee to use the company’s group health insurance instead of filing a workers’ compensation claim, which may be a mistake.

If you file a claim, you will receive many benefits, by law, you would not get otherwise such as:

  • 100 percent of all reasonable and necessary expenses paid to you with no deductible nor copays
  • No pre-set limits on treatment
  • Get to choose a minimum of two doctors
  • Get to chose the place you get treatment
  • You receive lost wage benefits, tax-free and paid weekly

You need someone looking out for your best interests. At the Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law Offices of Monika A. Hartl, S.C., we are looking out for you so you can focus your energy on recovery.

The workers compensation insurance company wants to take my statement. What should I do?

The Wisconsin Workers Compensation Insurance Company will often request a statement from your detailing the circumstances of your accident. However, the law in Wisconsin DOES NOT require you to give a statement in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Any statement you give can be used against you to dispute your claim. It is best to seek counsel from an experience Wisconsin workers’ compensation attorney who can look out for your best interests.

How can I afford to pay for a workers’ compensation attorney?

We know that if you have been seriously injured, you may be concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney. Attorneys get paid a percentage of what you receive. We don’t collect, unless you receive compensation.

Is there a statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

It truly depends on the case and the injury. Some injuries, such as those caused by ionized radiation or those considered serious, traumatic injuries. Others may have to be filed within 10 years or less. Contact the Workers’ Compensation Law Offices of Milwaukee, S.C. for more information.

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